Autum's Leaves
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2005-03-21 01:03:50 (UTC)

Chinese and Techno

Won-ton soup is Chinese right? Well, so much for my
diet. Even though judgement day is on April 23rd, I
already know I'm in trouble.

Ah, the infamous Prom. Senior Prom at that. Here I am,
a senior, can't fit into my Prom dress, not satisfied with
my fake tan, and dateless. The only thing I love are the
shoes I bought to go with my Prom dress, but I wear them
everywhere. Even out to Blockbuster in black dress pants
and a sweatshirt with my glasses on and my hair an
absolute disaster.

I do love the dance/techno I've been listening to
though. There's something about that constant beat that
always makes me want to do something. I stayed up until
around two last night cleaning my room. It was destroyed.
I mean, nothing was growing or living anywhere like in my
ex's room. I, more than once, took up the challange of
cleaning his studio (which was attatched to his father's
sculpting studio) and all the million times, it stayed
clean for about two days afterwards. The dishes had mold
growing on them, there was half eaten food thrown in his
refridgerator, I almost puked on several occasions.

Sorry for the informality. Not in a very philosophical
mood tonight. I've just spent three days playing Final
Fantasy 9 and I've loved it. Open Mic Night on Friday was
good, although at three hours long my ass was far past
asleep half way through the show. We all had a blast
though. Now, I'm just waiting for the next installment of
Sex In The City to watch with Curse.

Spring break next week, thank god. I'm all up for some
doing nothing for an entire week. Although, I'm kinda
peeved about the fact that I might not be doing anything
even though myself and two of my friends have had plans
for awhile. But, that's life. My Mom's bummed for me, so
we might end up doing something that Mon. Whenever Easter

Must get back to eating my fabulous Won-Ton soup.


*the quote of the day* Don't you wish you were me?