SoMe PeOpLe WaNt It AlL...
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2005-03-20 23:45:12 (UTC)

wRiTiNg AgAiN...

...Soooooooooooooooooooo bored!! I just finished my
beatitudes booklet for skool. It actually looks pretty
cool. It has all of these cut-outs from my magazines which
I have a lot of. My step-sister says I get more mags
delivered than anyone she knows. I get TeenPeople, People,
TeenVogue, CosmoGirl!, Seventeen(my fave), GL, Twist, and
sad but true: Nickolodean and American Girl. Come on, you
have to admit that it's great looking forward to the mail
every day!!!
Some of my friends are really annoying me lately!!
Thank god I'm graduating in less than 3 months!! I'm so
excited to go to high school. Even though I'll miss a few
people(yes liz that includes you!), I'm really glad I'm
going to my new school alone. I'll totally make new
friends. Of course i'm a tiny bit nervous, but who wouldn't
be? It turns out a lot of my friends think I get upset over
everything. I'm sorry I'm hard to please and no one does
anything right. LOL.
MY B-DAY'S IN 15 DAYS!!!! Yay! I'm really excited. I'm
gonna be 14. Unfortunatly my mom's not getting me a cell
phone as planned cause she can't afford it right now. I'm
really dissapointed, but hopefully for graduation. I was
looking for something in her closet the other day and I
found Now 18 and The Apprentice season 1 on DVD(my favorite
show). I didn't even know Now 18 was out yet! i have no
idea what my dad's gettin me. (They're divorced and I
rotate from house to house every 4 days.) I don't think I'm
having a party this year because of the whole "poor" thing.
In case your wondering my mom got a new job that doesn't
pay overtime. It totally sux. Before I got what wanted,
when I wanted. Now I don't to say the least. My dad won't
throw me a party because he doesn't want to spend the money
even though he could. He never has thrown me a party with
my friends and it's really annoying and kind of unfair to
my mom. What about a graduation party? Does he plan on
splitting the price with my mom or am I just not going to
have one? :( Whatever. I'll worry about it later. See ya.


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