Mind of Mayhem
2005-03-20 23:11:48 (UTC)

mystery women

I do this councilling course where you learn the basics of
counsiling and last week i realised something. I've known
some of the women there for over 6 months and they know
absolutly nothing about me. If they did, would they still
like me? most of my friends are the same. No body knows
anything. That seemed really strange to me and i just
wanted to shout everything out so i had no secrets but
nothings ever that simple is it. I don't like hiding so
many things in my head, it's not good for me and i should
know better than anyone else. Too much confusion causes
problems. I will one day most probably feel able to talk
about experiences with people but until then it's between
me and my mind.
How much do we really know about the people around us?
Could you honestly say, you know everything about your
best friend. Everybody holds back something but that
something could be small or something which would change a
persons perseption of others. This world is so strange.
This world is too closed. Everybody needs to feel better
about talking to others but until prejudices are sorted,
no one can and people will only close more.

Fear is a major issue. What will they think? Will they
still like me? Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla. I'm sick
of hiding, I'm sick of pretending to be someone i'm not.
It's time to make a stand and release the music!

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