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2005-03-20 21:52:10 (UTC)


Hey... havn't written in a while...

Was just reading iona's diary as usual, and it made me
think... I don't particularly want our relationship to fall
apart, just as well as she doesn't... it just seems to be
I can't seem to talk to her anymore, and she can't seem to
talk to me...
But her last entry was all about me... She filled out one of
those questionairres about people, and it was about me, and
it made me realise, that she is a very good friend of mine!
She knows basically everything about me! and only close
friends usually do!
I do kinda miss her... but i know that i don't really give
her any time anymore. i used to sit down and talk with her
etc. but now, i push that to the side, and always have
something else to do... its very out of order of me...
I don't like loosing friends, especially close ones. And i
don't know what would happen if suddenly i woke up and found
out that iona wasn't there.
At the moment, we're really not talking, but i know that if
we want to, we could. But if she suddenly vanished, i would
feel... errrm... odd... i would think about all the things
that i wish i would have said to her, and that i had given
her more of my time. Not been so selfish and pushed her away.

I'm really sorry that i've messed this all up between us...
and i know that we can talk now, but really its still not
I miss you...

Love you always, even though you think i might not...

James xxx

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