Who reads this crap? My life
2005-03-20 18:24:30 (UTC)

new beginning

Well I finally got over megan for about three reasons. One:
for the second time she has ditched going to the movies with
me. Two: she has a boyfriend now. three: shes a whore. And I
realized that maybe going to a new school will be better for
me. New people, new friends, maybe even a girlfriend this
time around. Who knows right? But I know this year is
basically over. I am not gonna worry about pissing off
people because most of em I'll never see again. There are no
middle school reunions. My attention is now fully focused on
high school and passing this upcoming 9 weeks. It is no
longer on friends that live 3 miles away. The only friends I
care about are the ones that live in the heights and the
ones online. I can't wait till after high school so I'll be
able to join the army. The only things keeping me going are
to one day go into the army and the other is my family. If I
was an orphan I'd have killed myself by now. I know where I
wanna die, and that is Iraq serving my country. I have a
feeling that if I go there I'm not coming back, its a gut
feeling and my gut is usually right about stuff. Like I knew
I wouldn't be going to the movies today somehow. Anyways
I'll trust my gut from now on, and my brain, but never those
feeling things or my penis. Well cya later.

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