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2005-03-20 17:13:31 (UTC)

ugly bastards were ugly bastards

so i'll start by saying what happened on st patty's day, i
weighed in at my recruiters and i'm to 147 which is the
highest i've ever weighed before. then devin, leanne and
i went out to the bars we started at the brewing co. where
we bought this thing called the growler, then we went to
snooty pig and met up with zach smalt and then went to
atlas where we started asking people for cocaine no one
had any so we went to capt's where we continued are
boozing then i got some girl to flash me and she told me
she was a stripper so i went over to mchales and it was
insane. the stripper said for 50 bucks i could do
whatever i wanted with her, but i turned her down. then we
heard a fight was going on and we went up to pruden's
house to back up anyone that needed it. but nothing
happened so we went home.

friday night me and devin started back at the brewing co.
then went to capt's and the strip club real quick. then
went to pick up leanne and went to sonara's then the fside
which was weird as hell, i'm rocking my makeup and thought
someone was going to kill me. then we went to corning and
met up with renae and all them ended up stealing a pitcher
of beer, which i paid for yesterday cause i felt bad.
then we went back to devin's and did some yager bombs.

i got some more stories from sat. night but i'll save them
for later and i wanna talk to laura about something too.
so with hugs and kisses and bedtime wishes. i'm out

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