The Love of my life
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2005-03-20 12:58:05 (UTC)

Real love does not know a happy end, because real love never terminates.

Dear Yeling,

You broke the contact, You don`t wish any message from me
anymore. I don`t even know why exactly. But you keep
silent. I let you free. You know my biggest wish is to make
you happy. So if You without me more then with me, it will
be so.

But I will always love you. I have loved You from our first
Day last February. You are in my heart forever.

You have touched me deepest places in my heart. I can try
to cover it, tu put some sand on these traces to decrease
my pain... but it fails, the traces are to deep, I have pu
t a lot of sand...but the dont disappear.. there are
present as on always been.

I will write keep writing You letters and I will put them
here. I know you will never read them. How should you, you
don`t want any contact anymore, You will never know I still
writing you letters and put store them here.

But writing about my pain, it helps me...

I will love You untill my dying day. And you know this.

Live in peace..

Take care

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