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2005-03-20 12:53:11 (UTC)

My great weekend

Well first of all, I just finished my treatment in the
hospital, meaning i could finally go out and drink. Me and
a good friend planned 2 go get drunk with some friends.. I
came over 2 her house, and at around 10 we went out and
started walking towards a park next 2 our school. As we had
to turn to the corner, we stopped and we're gonna deside if
we'll go 2 that park or not. She didnt really wanna go
there because she was afraid that her boyfriend will see
her there. Especially when the people we were gonna sit
with, were his enemys.
While we were standing there trying to figure out where to
go, a car stops, her boyfriend opens the door and tells her
that if he sees her there again, he'll fuck her up. Then he
just drove off. She was standing there shocked, not
believing what had just happened. While i was trying 2 get
her to wake up, some stupid guys were trying to get with
us, and were telling us that that guy is crazy. And when my
friend said that its her boyfriend they just shut up.

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