Blue Glitter
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2005-03-20 11:59:41 (UTC)

well id like to tell you all about my dream its a place

so things to do

french and geoggas work AND SCIENCE EVALUATION!!!!
admire the beauty of the ring
maybe tell sumone about yesterday
if not, write it in another diary
maybe write some more Détear or Boy
have some toast
hide in my room
tend to my wound
hope Will comes online so i can tell him how stupid i am
worry about tues and weds
paint my right nails if i can be bothered
straighten my hair a bit better
attack myself with eyeliner... or take the whole lot off

Will gotta come over
Fred gotta come over
Fraz gotta come over
Fraz gotta stay over for my birthday
oooh my birthday
get reading ticket with birthday money
get A ticket with any money
write (hopefully)
maybe write a letter to someone saying something
admire the beauty of the ring
'decorate' room
squeal about summer and complain about winter
change into almost complete nokternal routine
oh george said he'd come over and write a song
fraz said he'd come and protect me from george
go to brighton, just for the hell of it. STARBUCKS.
oh going to nans and ford market to get a replacement for
mikals bracelette. i KNOW it came from either there or
i havent a clue really... i'll just make it all up as im
going along then complain i havent had enough time.

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