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Loving life one day at a time
2005-03-20 07:02:00 (UTC)


i will do what i tried many times and didnt do...he doesnt
care half as mich as i do and i will show him that i can
live with out him
time and time again i forgave him for all the pain he has
caused me...
did he think of me when he was fucking her??? no
did he think of me when he told her he wanted to be with
here??? no
does he think of me everytime he flirts?? no
i dont need this dont need to put up with this...there for
i am walking away good bye!! thanks for showing me what a
broken heart feels like...thank you for showing me
whatbeing played like a piece of shit feels like... you
know just what to do to help me feel it....i fucking hate
you...and i hopw someday someone shows you just how much
it hurts to love someone and give them all you got and get
nothing but pain and embarasment back...you did this to me
and now i coul only do what i can...that is leave you !!!
for ones i will stand up for my self and that will be
that, i hate you i hate you i hate you...!!!