The Truth
2005-03-20 06:48:42 (UTC)


OKay well to start off i didn't do much in the morning,
from 1-4 i went to a Seminar tht Master Bill CHung jr. was

from 8-12 (Highlight of the night) i went on a job shadow
w/ a cop tht i know from karate.. O BOY let me tell u wht
Well Srgt. Payton showed me around the building telling me
where all the evidence and wht his duty is..
Got in the cop car, told me how everything worked inside
it....The very first 10 min. we were already speeding and
having the sirens on b/c they reported about 20 gentlemen
tht were standing around and two ppl were fighting in the
middle.. well the police broke tht up and the officer took
the boxing gloves away and every1 went home....
The nexted to incedents we ppl speding 15 miles over the
speed limit which was 25, and they were going 40... one
guy was 18 and another girl was 19.. both got tickets for
$116.50.... $75.00 for going 15 over and another 41.50
from tax.. they could either pay it off or go to a class
tht was $98.00
Nexted thing tht happend was a car accident w/
teenagers... umm i guess there was a small car and a truck
and the ppl tht were in the truck started to run away, but
they didn't get to far.. the person tht stood @ the car
accident said tht they were scared and ran away... but the
officers did a drug test on them and they didn't pass...
the driver ate 15 mushrooms, and the passenger was smoking
weed... they were about my age.. but while tht was
happening a women was getting beat by her husband at an
appartment.. so we turned on our sirens again and sped
till we got there.. srgt. payton was so mad dropped all
his stuff and just ran in to tht appartment... the guy
wasn't cooroporating so it took 3 officers to get him down
and hand cuff.. the ambulence came b/c the women was
having chest pains.. and YES this all happend between 8-12
boy did it go fast.. and now i'm home and i'm more
interested in being a cop now then ever........u learn
something new everyday.