Holly Golightly

Half Empty/ Half Full
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2005-03-20 06:42:09 (UTC)

in the clearing...

holding onto these years. precious, tormenting, free-
spirited years. selective memories only taunt me. i know
there must be more out there! just please give me a taste,
a dream, a tangeable thing. help me remember those moments
with you by my side, moments i took for granted...
resurrect them so that i may reclaim and renew them.
i saw you the other day. a momentary union between two
points in this vast country. you came up the escalator
against the bright lights of universal city. i was hidden
from view and so you searched for me so adamantly. i ran
up to you and caught a glimpse of loving familiarity in
your eye. you were wearing a hat that caught my attention.
it was mine... years ago. you reminded me that i had given
it to you. you say you wear it all the time. does it make
you think of me? of the moment so long ago that i had
given it to you?
i want to remember all these lost moments and cherish them
forever. i know the memories i have burned in my head may
not be the same as yours. how i long to reminise over a
couple of ketel & tonics with you. to learn how you
remember me and share how i remember you.
we have so much together, you and i. and yet so much
apart. that's the beauty of it all. we will always exist
together in some unreachable plane in space.
i have learned to accept this. to never fully let go of
you no matter what path my life ventures. but i long to
know if you will be there at some fork in the road - where
our two paths meet with no other diversions. will we
travel into eternity together on one path from that point
in space and time? will we no longer have to reclaim those
distant memories?

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