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2005-03-20 04:03:58 (UTC)

Basement Camping Trip...YESS!

So last night me and Katie went to Kayla's to sleepover.
We got the tent me, Kayla and Annette are sleeping in in
Mexico (we leave on thursday at like 5 am! haha)from
Annette and set it up in Kayla's basement. lol we had a
great time. We watched Shark Tale and played game cube and
talked and played spoons. Oh man. haha we'd never make it
out in the wilderness. Haha with the TV, game cube and
PS2. lol! Craziness. But it was so much fun. Some intense
times. Wheew!

Then we woke up today and made KD, corn dogs and fries.
Wow aren't we healthy! haha but it was great fun. Then my
mom picked us up and took us to Enchanted because Katie
was getting her belly button pierced. Her parents said she
could do it if she'd pay for it, and they're in Victoria
till Friday so we're gonna see how long it'll take them to
notice she got it done. So she only got to take one person
back with her and she grabbed me. lol it was funny. I felt
very special that I got picked. So my mom and Kayla waited
in the waiting room as I went back with Katie to get her
belly buton pierced. I can't wait to get mine done when I
get back from Mexico. I would have gotten it done today
but well I have no money and my mom probably won't pay for
me and also I don't wanna risk getting an infection while
I'm down in Mexico because that would definately suck. So
after Katie was done my mom dropped us off at the mall. I
got funky earrings. Definately cool. Then after a while we
walked to Katies house then Kayla and I walked to my house
and she phoned her mom and got picked up and ever since
I've been lazing around in pj's. lol MY DADDY COMES HOME
TONIGHT!!!! lol from France. I wonder if he could even
speak french there. Probably not very good. So anyways.
Michelle has soccer provincials this weekend. All in the
west end too. lol SUCKER! My mom, Danielle and Mich are
all there now. They'll probably be coming home soon. Mich
won her first game this morning. So yeah. When my family
gets home we're watching a movie so I'm gonna go now.
Hasta la vista!

P.S.- Jump For Charlie is an AMAZING band! Grant told me
about them.
Go there to listen to their songs. They have a CD coming
out in Sept. I'm totally buying it!

Oooh ahh. Me and Grant are gonna sit together on the way
to Mexico. How exciting. He's bringing my some Cd's to
listen to on the way down. I feel special. Whoot!


Love forever and always,

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