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2005-03-20 03:55:18 (UTC)

So yeah, so far this weekend..

So yeah, so far this weekend sucks and im so mad at myself
its not even funny. I had a chance to go see one of the
top ballets in the country and i turned it down. I could
be in Chicago right now but nooooo i just had to get sick
AGAIN! I threw up in the bathroom at work today cuz i
think something was wrong with my coffee or something, and
right after that my modeling boss called me and asked if i
still wanted to go with her to Chicago. Feeling sick as
could be i immediately said i couldn't with out even
thinking. OMG i'm such an idiot! I don't feel sick
anymore like at all. I was looking forward to seeing this
ballet for sooooo long and i blew it! UGH!!! I hate
myself! And then i thought well sean is off today so at
least i'll have him to hang out with and my weekend still
won't be a waste. But NOOOOO! He got grounded! Out of all
days to get grounded he got grounded on a Saturday! THIS
Saturday! Ugh! I'm dieing a thousand deaths it feels like
cuz i feel like such a failure. There are good things that
i'm trying to keep my mind on. MEXICO!10 more days! I am
soooo excite du have no idea! lol, but i'll talk about
that later. I have to go. Tata!