Rev. Twitch

Rev. Twitch
2005-03-20 02:11:34 (UTC)

State of the Union

It’s the strangest thing. I was overcome by a huge wave of
depression today. I woke up around noon, after a night of
heavy drinking and had a pretty bad hangover. It was a
beautiful day, probably the warmest all year and I couldn’t
even take my bike out. I just didn’t feel up to it, still
stumbling around the house at 1:30. So I started just
schlepping through chores and such; went out and got salt
for the water treatment, did a crapload of laundry, trash,
cat litter. But by the time I was done, it was nearly
4:30 and the sun was going down; getting colder and I
figured, firstly it’s too cold to ride, and Kristen was
going to be home from her Gran’s (a bad, crying day, no
less…poor thing). So I just kind of moped while watching
the weather channel tell me it’s still going to rain, and
get below freezing this week (so no back bathroom yet).

Anyway, Kristen came home and pretty much went straight up
for a nap. So I was just hit with a funk that I couldn’t
shake for hours. As a byproduct of this I didn’t eat. Not
a bad thing really considering the two weeks we have until
Key West really. But by 7:00 she was still asleep and I
was starving, felt sick. Woke her up just to keep us from
a really late night tonight. So now she’s awake and I feel
better so yeah…gotta shake off those residuals baddly.
It’s been about two years now, steadily living together and
people are pressuring the marriage thing. Weird how
everyone who’s married need to feel justified by others who
do too. Like the whole arrangement is a tenuous agreement
among everyone. If we’re all married it means we all get
married right?

I found myself watching a show about women inventors and
their stories of greatness! Women overcoming adversity
brought by the male, white power structure and it’s need to
crush competition. It’s the whole working ethic to the
core. Fuck the greater mind mass, we only control through

It’s the root of my depression lately. The overwhelming
force of the machine breaking your poor worker bee


Going to sleep lately’s been tough.

Gas is now 2.09 regular…

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