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2005-03-20 00:16:24 (UTC)

life savers

well today was my second day of life gaurding and it sucked.....i was
there for 8 flippin hours!!! me emily and clair made it fun tho...cant wait
for spring polo sisco!!! i love u!!!

while giving a dummy CPR i got asked out by a hot junior! it was exciting
but i am happy with my life....i love my freinds i love my boyfreind...liefe
seems so much better now...

me n sisco went to pankake day today for our life gaurding lunch
break....i had fun with hannah erin heather n lauren...there sweet

erin WAS gonna come to my house tonite but she cant... : /

i gotta go..bustys gonna be here soon...i miss that booger...i am glad
were are getting close again!!

marsh is still in florida.....duh.....


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