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2005-03-19 21:38:17 (UTC)

March 19 , 2005 Babysitting

I can't believe it's the first day of spring break and I'm
stuck babysitting the two most bratiest kids in the world!
It may only be for one day but last night I did not get the
sleep I was hoping for. But I still get to go to my
friend's party. Though I will still be the only female
their besides his mom. She might not even be going.
Therefor There is no hope for me this week.
If either of these little brats even presses one of my
buttons I am so willing to kick their ass! Ok, that's a
little cruel. Maybe I'll just put them in the corner for a
couple of hours. Yeah! That would be nice. Maybe I could
bribe one of them to get the other to be bad just to put
them in the corner. I'm so good at planning.
Anyways, Later this week im going over to my sister's
house. It's pretty cool over there. Though her boyfriend
has some reall okward friends.
Last week when I went over their there was this kid Matt or
Mike (something like that) and he was pretty tight. But
I've met his other friends. Some of them even scare me.
But I do know Christa is gonna be there this week.
I cna't believe I gave my cell phone back to my gramma. How
stupid was that? And know I;m expecting to get it back. I
have got some low chances on that one. Grrrrrr. That was a
stupid plan. But at least I have a week off to butter her
up so she will give it back. I dont know why she is so
upset about me going over my text messages. There like 5
cents each. Oh SHit. I never told her that. SHe thinks
there like a buck each. She's got another thing coming.

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