PiNkIe SwEaR
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2005-03-19 17:16:27 (UTC)


Um SO i have been here before on this site.. but i feel
like writing again.. i dont know im bored right now. But
later i know i will go out to see my love an eat Much
later happiness. Right now, i have vacations of two weeks
WoO-HoO yeah they are fun because for the rest of the 14
days i will be waking up like about at six to use the
computer till one or twelve. yeah im internet addict. Well
kind of. I used to be a porn-searching addict and cyber
and etc but than you see that you get pretty tired of
it.... So like if no one reads this well than too bad. I
just like to hav somewhere to express my feelings. CRAP i
was going over what i read and suddenly i noticed
something.. I always change the subject really facts. Ugh
you know what suck of living under the roof w- your mom?
check my mom was saying o why are you typing so much.. are
you chatting... No im not... But you may ask your self why
dosent this freak just put on music??? Yeah... Ok changing
subject this is or was my Introduction yo all of you
people. Who are bored enough to actually go and read the
text of someones eles lives. No im playing GOOD FOR YOU Im
hungry what will eat for the morning remains mystery until
we all lazy asses get up oh well Im damn thirsty but there
is nothing to drink. More info on next entry

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