if you only knew
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2005-03-19 15:39:11 (UTC)

just having trust

Dear Diary,

Its Foggy outside and raining today seems like day to
take walk with a rain coat and clear our mind.
Things always happen for reason but only god knows why
all we have to do is trust in why we get hurt,why we get
into car wrecks,why ppl say mean things sometimes to hurt
us.we just never know why but the only one who does is god.
Today i have learned to always get mad over the lil
things because he can trust me with the lil things he will
begean to think he can trust me with the big things and i
can always go to him with any prob i have.
No Not all men are pigs but some are we just have learn
not to give in so easy and trust everythig will work out.