Little daisy, Melbourne
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2005-03-19 13:48:27 (UTC)

2005年2月3日 给Alison

Alison, I was wondering all day that when I can get back
Everything is different here, some are better than China
like friendly people, blue sky, beautiful little houses,
and I can own a little room of my own, but others are
worse than home, like food. I haven't had rice for a week!
What's more, I need to cook by myself, and I found that I
can do nothing but making breakfast, like bread, milk,
eggs, wheat, etc. So I have to eat breakfast in morning,
noon, and evening. …. _…
However, I am learning how to cook by trying to do
different things, and my mum wrote me a small cooking
book, maybe some day I can be a good cook, but not
I am doing a part time job in my household’s milk bar, one
hour a day. So I got lot of time to sleep and play games
in computer. Can you remember “The Sims _ Super Star” that
once you gave to me? It is fan, but I do not quite know
how to play it well. Once a man got burnt to die when he
was cooking. I feel so sorry of that so I did not save
that and start again, this time, his wife got burnt to
die! So I never play that house again.
I will tell you more about my life in Melbourne next time.
Good day!

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