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2005-03-19 11:03:41 (UTC)

Sat. again?

Today 19/3...nothing special...

9:00-12:00 Musical Play- Annie rehearcal...known that
someone live in Marina Cove too! same as me...keke*

13:30-14:00 Kumon...boring and then new papers to do
today...happy cos. nearly finish all the paper in my grade
la~ and then maybe later on and have my test and then do
the upper grade's paper...keke* happy*

now my mood is : ZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZz, but lots of
hw, boring la! and then need to study la! tired la!

A strange news... maybe not strange at all! just want to
say that F.1 have our Maths test 17/3, and then Miss Chau
give it back to us 18/3, she finished to correct all 42
papers la!!! each paper have 2 pages, that means am... 126
luckily, marks are not too low....................but it is
easy bor~ how come i still can't get higher ar~ i know that
my marks are higher than Alison Yeung and Vanessa Lo, but
my marks are lower than Alice Wong and Cornelia Yeung...I
don't know why i need to write their surname...maybe I need
to write her all use surname la! ke*
marks are bad...

vanessa* oil ar~ i know that you are all careless
mistakes, or else you must get higher marks than me ga!

Alice*Cornelia* how do you two study ga! all subjects are
gooooood ga! teach me pls.

honey* today no piano bor^^ is it happy ar? but remember to
do all your hw ar~ remember you forever! and then I want to
say that is that boy is not my honey ar! okay?...don't said
that anymore la! or else? i will kill you la! honey*

amy chan*cynthia cheung*cindy cheung*kirsten lai*honey*
again la* ke* thx. for all co-operation...almost finish the
PE dance la!! something like dance la!! is it a kind of
GYM? don't know...anyway...thx...and all of ya are really
smart ar...think of a lot of steps...i like those steps ga!
when will we have our practise ga!!!!????ke*

Janice* study hard ar!! and take good care of yourself la!
don't be sick!!!!!! are you feeling well now???

anyway~ gonna to study now! 88* lu~~~~ =.='

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