My Silent Legacy
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2005-03-19 07:10:26 (UTC)


Well lets see here from the last time i wrote....
School is as boring as ever!
The sacred ground thing went good it was an awesome
experience and he really did help me become closer to
being at peace with myself expecially when he said "what
is, is and nothing or nobody can change that or
you...there is nothing wrong with you" awesome that
really answered alot of my questions...
I didnt work today nor yesterday....
My sister,nephew, and niece came in today so i hung out
with them fer awhile...then i saw nick on the road and he
parked his car and road with me to the mall where we saw
some other friends n hung out. LOl they gave this girl at
chick-fil-a my number! then we hung out with hope and we
got n a fight and i threw pizza and soda at her car and
she wiped pizza all over me! then she shut me inside the
car door which hurt like crap!
So now i am here...i work tommro then i dont work again
till friday! how crazy is that!
I kinda wish that girl would call me lol Im so lonely and
picky gosh ill never find a girl!
welp im goin to sleep
Hopefully a fantastic day tommro!

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