The Muffin Man

My Favorite Courdaroys
2005-03-19 05:56:17 (UTC)

Stupid Feelings

I love Alisha to death. She's awesome. But Bobby has
ruined her. Yeah I found out they had sex. Not really at
all the way I wanted to either. But thats not the point.
I kinda knew. But I'm so hurt right now, that I would
rather go back to Tricia and help her raise her kid if she
moved to New York. I know that sounds mean, but Alisha
has toyed with me way to much. Oh well. Nobody really
cares about my feelings anyways. I havent had a
girlfriend in almost two years, and the last time I kissed
a girl was last year on my birthday. *Sigh* I donno, if
these are rumors or not. I doubt. But right now I feel
drained, and dirty. I'm just gonna see how this turns
out. But I'm not gonna be Alishas shoulder to cry on
anymore. She doesn't seem to care when I'm having a
shitty time. And she thinks all my problem seem to stem
from Tricia. Who in fact has been ten times more
supportive of me right then Alisha ever has. Yeah Alisha
has always taken me for granted. Well fuck that. I'm