Helpless mosochistic love
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2005-03-19 02:42:54 (UTC)

Holding on (poem, to Brandon)

I hold him close to me,
afraid I will lose him,
I hold him
so I know hes there, he wont disappear when I close my eyes.
I hold him,
to get closer to his warmth,
I hold him,
so he knows that I love him,
As a sign of affeciton.
I hold him,
to feel his body and the difference between mine and
I hold him,
because I love him, without him I am nothing.
The only thing that matters is what he thinks of me.
He is my morning, and night. The sun and the moon.
He makes me happy, when he holds me, assuring me
that theres someone out there who loves and cares for
me. So I hold onto him, letting him know I love and care
for him, and have no intention of ever letting go.

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