Yolanda Pagan

too much drama
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2005-03-19 02:02:46 (UTC)

not suicide

I'm sick and tired of skool listening to all the drama i
just want to get away from it all but i got nowhere to go
nowhere to hide i cant seem to run from my pride i know i
must go on but do i have it in me to succeed i don't know
i need someone strong to hold put your arms around me and
just hold me close in your arms no evil can be evoked i
need your love as i need air to breath baby please just
believe in me

awhile ago i was stressed so bad and one of my friends
thought i might commit suicide but i laughed and i knew
it upset her because she tired to commit suicide then my
when i was with me ex i wrote this because i felt he
believed the worst in me and all i wanted was for him to
trust me so i wrote this i would like your feedback if
you want

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