Love Dies At Last
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2005-03-19 00:51:23 (UTC)

I give up!

well he now says that he wants to just STAY friends w/ me
and that kinda makes me sad and he was sopost to break up
w/ her the other day but he didn't immagine that... and
hes so weird and one min hes saying and acting like he
likes me and flirting and the next hes acting like he
doesn't even know me it hurts my feelings. brooke STUPID
holfmister went and told her about me and him i think and
he was the biggest ass 2 me and i was crying all 6th hr
cuz i hate him being mad at me!! and i called him at like
umm 4:30 and i was like are u mad at me and he was like no
and i was like are u bussy and he was like yeah an di was
like well call me back later and he was like okay i will
and its 7 now and he didn't call back owell... i give up I
guess i dont know if hes worth it anymore cuz he does't
tell me ANYTHING!! he says he likes me and SOMETIMES acts
like it and as much as i say that i dont mind if were just
friends and stuff i REALLY do!! i really do wanna date him
and i try to play it off like i dont care but i do i like
him so much and i dont wanna get attached but i think i am
owell i knew he had a gf and i got myself into it!! grr!
that bothers me i hate being a typical girl!! GRR!!! owell
i'll get over it well i gotta go im bored! if u got ne
sugestions for me PLEASE leave a COMMENT!!

I dont think hes worth it nemore cuz he says he likes me
but if im not worth him breaking up w/ her then hes not
worth my time and tears!

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