This is the diary of Samantha
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2005-03-19 00:33:11 (UTC)

My first entry in my diary!!!

Well... Today was a good day... I finally got a chance
to talk to my boyfriend that I haven't been able to talk to
in like two days... He is so sweet, but I don't know if
things are going to work out between us... We are totally
different... Everybody tells me that opposites attract, but
all we seem to do is repell each other... My goals are set
much higher than his and that really bothers me... I have
talked to him about it many times, but everytime that I
bring it up he gets all upset... He is a year younger than
me and is planning to drop out of school... I tell him that
I don't want to be dating a loser, but he doesn't seem to
understand... I am going to have to think our relationship
over and make up my mind about what I want to do...

On another note... Meghan and my friendship is still
going strong... We are the best of friends... I love her
like my own sister... We have not even faught once... She
is absolutely the best... We are having girls night out
tomorrow and we are going to have the best time ever... I
plan on going up to the pool hall with her and a whole
bunch of other people... I seriously need to find her a man
because this guy that she likes right now treats her like
dirt... I don't want to have to go through that... She
deserves so much better... Well I don't know what else to

Love Always,