2005-03-18 23:51:50 (UTC)

So much 2 say* Not enough space lol

Today has been a day nevertheless. I guess you all know me
by now, and I thought I can b more open this entry. I am
having second and third thoughts about my life. I love A
guy * who I will never get* and its so HARD~
Can't Keep It*-*
2 everyone I have trusted in the past that have broken my
heart or just hurt me *!*

I guess I am having trouble getting over you* and I think
thats so much who I am. I am going crazy thinking about
you. and nothing I can do can make this life better. I am
suffering in the shadows of all those girls that r so*
much more beautiful than I will ever be. You are my
everything and you will always be. everytime I think I am
over you* I end up will my heels over my head. I reverse
so much* How can I want you to give up everything you have
just so I can be happy? Thats wrong of me. I know you are
happy with her, but things keep happening. I am SO* sorry
if I ruin your life with this, but...I dunno how this is
happening... I can candle the flame but I cannot put it
out. I dunno how this happens* EVERYTHING GOES Wrong*

.·:*:·.*Sometimes The Person You Fall For Isn't Ready To
Catch You*.·:*:·.
*I love when u look at me,Cuz I know for a second I
crossed ur mind*
To ~*~_ _ _ _ _~*~_ _ _ _ _~*~_ _ _ _ _ _ _*~