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2005-03-18 23:02:05 (UTC)

What's going on?

Oh man, so last night I got drunk, and Anton snuck away from
camp and came over. That was great. I got to cry and talk to
him a little. I was pretty drunk, and just spilled my guts out.

Sigh, so I was venting at Jess a little bit, which is of
course a stupid fucking thing to do. Her and ERin, ugh.
Erin. BAH. Sharing any feelings with those two is like
sharing feelings with . . .well. . a guy. They don't listen
and when you think they are, they're actually not paying
attention, or spaced and concetrating on something else.

I am just so fucking sick of this life thing. It has really
got to stop fucking with me. I swear I will NOT let it
prevent me from going to study abroad. Stupid life.

So back on what was it Tues.? Whenever I talked to John.
Well I was talking to Deb and she was all blah blah blah
'bout the John thing, just making me feel worse, telling me
how horrible he probably is in Ireland. Of course I start
getting pissed bc she doesn't even know him, and she just
has this pessimistic attitude towards all potentially good
situtations. I hate it.

Well then she always makes things about what they aren't
about. So somehow my car and money and shit came up. She's
like, you're dad's probably going to come get the car. I'm
like what the crap you can't do that, I'm doing what I can,
what do you want me to do, magically pull the money out of
my butt?! She just nags me and says she's trying to help,
but then give me a solution, don't just tell me what I'm
doing wrong consistently. JEEZ.

I have to take out my garbage and run some errands, I'll be
back later.