Her Diary
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2005-03-18 22:27:43 (UTC)

Im not a invading of privacy kinda person

Yeah, i diary online. Thats crazy, i love it.

Hmm, spring break. I was suposed to go to Tampa but, ya
know, thats not happing. Yeah, im definatly a summer person
and Jacksonville has been freazing.

Catlin gave me the online website to my boyfriends diary,
but i didnt read it. Im not a invading of privacy kinda
person, soooo...i just made one instead. Yeah, my boyfriend
Dave is really cool, but hes not very caring i guess.

Hes kinda mean, Savannah says i should break up with him
because hes probably moving back to SC after the school
year is over. And Catli says i should break up with him
too. I dont think so, i like him, a lot. But its gonna have
to end soon, so oh well. We'll just have fun. Funs cool, i
guess. But Dave is kina no longer fun. He was at the
begining of our relationship, but now hes just a dickhead.
But i put up with it. Its okay, i guess i kinda deserve it
cuz im a bitch somethimes. So its really okay.

Report cards are being sent out. Yeah i got cs and ds. Its
alright, ive been absent a lot so i deserve it. School is
so boring. And lame. I just go for my friends and Dave. Oh
and to make a good education so i can start life later on.
Yeah, i cant wait for that to happen, im such an impaitent
person. I cant satnd it, im always in a rush. Oh well, i
guess sometimes i would like to stop and just watch the
world go by.

Yeah, me and Dave have been goin out for a month now. Im so
lame, im actually counting. I like him a lot, sometimes i
wish he was differnet, but you can't change anyone. Thats
okay, i wouldnt want anyone to change me. I like the way i
am. Well my fingers are icy so im gonna stop. I gotta go
thaw. Later.

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