Place my Pieces Together-Angie#6
2005-03-18 21:14:38 (UTC)


Hey guyz...whats up?
Well its spring break thank god! There really isnt
much to say about my life right now. Hmmm...Well that guy
that I was talking to isnt what he seemed to be either.
Whats wrong with these guys. Well his still hung up on his
ex so I dont even want to mess around with that. So yeah,
we have stopped talking. He wasnt worth it. As for Anthony,
yeah thats another joke. I'm so OVER THAT! His O.U.T out of
my life! And for once I'm okay with that. As for Eddie my
ex oh man! Well...he is my prom date and we are along with
my friends checking out hotels together for prom weekend.
So you could say there might be something there for us
later on. I dont know and I am not planning anything.
So yeah, everything has been going well. I am happy! THANK
GOD FOR THAT TOO! So yeah, everything is fine! Well I'm on
the run so ttyl.