Angeline Rose

Love of the Loveless.
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2005-03-18 19:49:49 (UTC)

The oddest dream ever...

I was sitting in a white room shaped as a star...
I heard a little voice, and I looked up,
The voice yelled my name,
I cursed back at them, "STOP SAYING MY NAME!".
The little voice yelled again until I jumped,
Then, I realized, I jumped to high...And I got in space.
Yea, space. So I flew up and met a spacemaid,
who said, "You make me wanna lala!", I screamed out,
"LESBIAN!". I swam through space and jumped down to earth,
where everyone were migits, when I jumped back up,
I realized I was on Venus. haha.
So on my voyage to find the earth, I found the weirdest thing,
The diamond of the space, lost by the beautiful red head,
Then I woke up.
I fell back asleep and it lead to a new dream.
"Oh my-"...
It has seemed a giant sumo wrestler chased me down a street,
into a river! That's right, a river. Since I cannot swim,
I had to swim on my back, where the sumo wrestler swam as
fast as a jet! I screamed, then I awoke.
"that's enough dreams for today-" I whispered.