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2005-03-18 19:38:29 (UTC)

The lost girl (Amber Wrote to me)

She sits there alone in the dark and cries,
Shes so tied and fed up with all the lies,
All the dark secrets she has hidden away,
Constantly haunt her each night and day,
Nobody knows her,
Shes a face with no name,
When her father hits her hes never to blame,
She cries herself to sleep every night,
For years she's fought, but never won the fight,
She longs for a friend,
Someone to confide in,
But all her feelings and emotions, are kept within,
Shes lonely but her father dosen't care,
And her mother, well she's never really there,
Shes just a little girl, inocent and young,
Her teenage years have only begun,
Her wounds and scars are to deep to ever heal,
Hurt and pain, is all this little girl can feel,
She longs for someone to come and hold her tight,
She is not permitted to come out anymore,
Her father locks her behind closed doors,
He is strong while she is weak,
She has no power, no voice to speak,
She lives in her own horrible world,
This innocent and broken lonly little girl.

*By: Amber Golble*
(to cassie, "I love you"!!)