Angeline Rose

Love of the Loveless.
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2005-03-18 19:23:57 (UTC)

Going Crazy

Kitty was sick in bed,
coughing her throat out-
burning up in her own bed...
She gets up, as the lights flicker in her face,
A voice calls,
Now Kitty goes dillusional....
Her heart thumped to the beat of the very annoying faucet,
She gets her pocket knife,
and motions her sister to stay in her room.
The bravery stepped away slowly,
She swings her knife around and gasps,
she hit her mother's favorite flowers...
She crawls back in bed and closes her eyes,
"that's it- I'm tired".
Kitty throws her knife at the door,
the voices stopped.
She woke up hours later,
and discovered she hit her cousin.

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