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2005-03-18 18:12:39 (UTC)


Lewis is my husband and we've been married for a
month. Things were good at first when we met but after
about a month together things started to fall apart. I'm
always worried that he is gonna cheat on me cuz he was
telling other ppl that he loved them.
Lately i haven't been worried about lewis and
kaitlyn. I found out yesterday that Kaitlyn is only 15 yrs
old. Before i was worried that he was gonna lwave me for
her, but i know now that he would never do that.
She talked before about how she was in love with him.
She's just a child, she doesn't know wat love is, and she
doesn't know the meaning of the word love.
Right now the only thing i am worried about is amber
and linzi.
I don't think he's talked to amber in a long time. If
i find out he has then i don't wanna be wtih him anymore.
as for linzi, if i find out that she's been sending
him naked pix again and he's kept them then it will be
I love him and i don't wanna lose him, but he's hurt
me one to many times.
It may seem selfish of me to say that i would leave
him if he did those things, but i already have trouble
trusting him and he promised me before that he wouldn't
hurt me again!!!
I don't know wat i did but Lewis won't talk to me
right now and i can't stand that. I love him so much and i
don't want him mad at me. I wish i knew what i did wrong,
where did i go wrong to make him do the things he does. I
wish i could understand what goes on in his head and how he
feels cuz he never talks to me about anything!!!

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