Constant: continuing without pause
2005-03-18 17:52:24 (UTC)

Life so far

Time: 9:25 pm

I've had a diary on here before and I always end up
deleting them but this one is here to stay.

I dont have much of a interesting life,I'm 15 and Never
been kissed, never have had a boyfriend,NOTHING. but I
have found out since I came to my high school things are
starting to change a lot and I'm not sure if its for the
good. Ok i'll start telling you about my life up to now...

My mom and dad have been divorsed for about 3 years now,
My dad remarried two years ago and because of that I have
three step brothers, Nick, Will and Andrew. Theyre really
nice, Im glad my dad married into a nice family. My dad
was living in two locations when he got married, in Renton
Washington and cashmire Washington. About a few months ago
my step mom and him moved to Tacoma close to where I live
about 10 miles away. He barely comes to see us anymore, My
brother, keith 18, and I. He expects my brother to drive
us down there and its hard because he works a lot.

Well I told you ive never had a boyfriend which is true I
havnt, although I've had and still have tons of really
sweet guy friends. I've had the chance to have a boyfriend
so many times but I just dont want to be in a relationship
in which I dont care for the guy that much and because
there just horn dogs. There is one guy right now I'd love
to go out with, Josh, Hes one of my best friends. We have
been kinda not talking lately because of this...well lets
just say hes hanging out with people I didnt care much for
but thats somewhat done with now and were back to talking
to each other. Josh and I, I dont know hes kinda like an
older brother but a really hot one lol. Hes going out with
one of my friends now and has been on and off for a long
time. So I dont want to ruin things between them because
they make such a cute couple but you know if they ever
break up for good CALL ME!

Right now my friends rachel, holly and I are manging the
high school boys soccer team. Its really fun although I
havnt made it to many practices but hey some days I dont
feel all too good.

Oh I just found out last night I got a job offer at a
local mexican restraunt (did I tell you I'm half mexican).
The owners are my neighbors and They adore me, what can I
say I'm loved lol. I have to go every now and then
starting sunday to practice for the job, I'm going to be
the host. She also asked my brother if he might be able to
come on some days as a bus boy. He agreed to it and now
will be having two jobs, Safeways and Los Pinos(The pines).

My brothers friend Josh is living with us right now hes
been having problems at home. Its been about 3 months now
(?) He sleeps on our couch lol. Hes so funny and nice.

Other news About two weeks ago I went to my friends,
Rachel, moms house. I met her friends there and they are
so fun. They smoke pot though and well we had the chance.
And were going to do it but we only had two hours left to
hang out with them and they had told us a high normaly
doesnt go away for 3 hours so we gave up. I've never
smoked pot or any drug before so this was kinda a I'm not
sure thing but Rachel and I made a pack saying if one of
us do it the other has to. Were mainly best best friends.
We have so much in common and find our self talking about
odd things but we understand eachother and respect
eachothers opion on things.

Well this is pretty long so I'll write again tomorrow just
about that day though.