of Life of Wind
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2005-03-18 16:46:00 (UTC)


my love, whoever you are, whatever you did, wherever you
are, I don't mind that... I'll accept all of you.
I think... I understand you more in these days, I feel that
we have the same thinking in some aspects. Maybe as you
said, we both are the only child in our family. We want to
be with others because we're alone, our souls are alone...
I always want to tell you, I trust you, I love you.
Whatever you've done before, I don't care. How many
girlfriends you'd had before, I don't mind. Just because I
know you love me now, I know the one you want to see, to
hug, to kiss the most is me. I won't leave you if you love
me, need me. But, there is one thing that I can't accept.
If you... if you have other girlfriends, if you make love
with others, YOU WILL LOSE ME FOREVER!! And I won't forgive
you if you do that.
For me, I'm very easy to be hurt actually, because I trust
people. Whatever bad things happened, I still choose to
trust others... So you'll always say I have pure heart. I
understand what the reality is, even though I haven't
experienced as many as you have. But I understand... I'm
very sensitive, and I'll always think about everything,
everyone I met. Although I saw many bad things, I still
want to maintain the pure part of human being. So I choose
to trust others.......