The Revelations of Me
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2005-03-18 15:59:12 (UTC)

...I Will Only Say This One Time...And Then Never Again...

I wish that there was some way I could tell him...without
saying the words. Whenever I work up the confidence to say
something to him...the words leave me. I guess I am too
afraid. Always afraid. I am afraid that he will not love
me as much as I love him. And how could we ever even have
a meaningful relationship when we both are afraid to speak
endearingly to one another? I only say I love you when I
am typing it to him. Can I just once say it to him in
person? No. Not ever. Too much has happened...I have been
hurt soo many times. The wounds have never healed because
I always let someone else in my life to break them open.
But not this time. This time I will let them heal; I will
never tell of my love again. This is for the man that I
loved, still love and will love forever. This is an
enternal never ends...never even was
always just...there. So here it is...the last time ever.

I love you.

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