2005-03-18 13:56:30 (UTC)

Just a little more time

I wish that I could go back in time to when I met Craig. I
wish that I never met him in some ways or go back to the
time where he started to get sick and get help. I cannot
stand the man that he is today.

When we first started dating he was the most caring man
that you could think of then when his mom got sick so did
he. I could not handle the stress of her being sick again
and with graduating college.

I should not have been the one to take care of him. I do
not understand why people just stood by, and still do, and
let him be in so much pain. I am 22 years old and cannot
deal with his shit anymore. I got him into therapy then he
dropped out. He does not work so he has no distraction.

The guy does not seem to understand when I say to him that
I am not equipped to handle a problem of this magnitude. I
know in most people's minds 22 is an adult in mine I am
still a kid in many ways. I want to solve the problems of
the world but not this one. I have told his family about
what is going on and they do nothing and it will be on
their hands if he winds up in a hospital or worse.

I want to remove myself from the problem but can't. I
just need a break from everything and everything is him.
He needs to start taking care of himself or else I am not
going to marry him and more. I cannot handle this shit
anymore. f

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