The Journey
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2005-03-18 13:31:10 (UTC)

Coming Up and Heading Onwards

Another day at the office with more steps in the right
direction. Newcastle Due Diligence Exercse on Monday,
can't believe the numbers I'm playing with. If this comes
off Im gonna petition to head up the department to handle
the new accounts. Fingers crossed.

Its amazing how now that I have people around me that can
see what I can do and actively support and give
opportunities to me, that I feel so much better in myself.

Forms sent off for admission to Law School in November,
all paid for by the company of course! Just so many
positive things happening now. Insurance papers finally
lodged for the hail damage to the SSS...took long enough
for it to come up for assessment! Wonder if they will just
offer me a cash settlement? Would be handy heh. Upgrade
the Bandit heheh the new R1 is reaaaaal nice lol.

Darryl might be dropping in for a beer and a feed on the
way back from Newcastle. Having the boss over for dinner
already lol. Have to spruce the place up a bit, doesnt
need much thank god, more putting shit away than anything
else. Usual living stuff I guess.

Looking forward to the bike show on Sunday. Gotta pick up
Shawn and maybe Jack, meeting Mick up there. Should be a
good day if the weather obeys.

At last 2005 is looking to be a good year!

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