Blue Glitter
2005-03-18 11:53:14 (UTC)

im gonna soak up the sun, im gonna tell everyone to lighten up

damn that song. it gets in my head too often. yay for
resident evil: apocalypse. if i shud be inspired to write
sumthing, let it be sumtimes today rather than tomorrow.
unless its when im waiting for him. well my hair ish
straight. my eyeliner is... kind of in the right place.
the guy on tv is getting eated by the zombies. theres
muffins downstairs. i got my left hand complete with nail
varnish now seriously! even if they survived the crash
they wud be kiled by the radiation! make sense people! and
how many things have to hit her or stab her before she
dies? ugh. anyway.

i shud rite in here more. does Will read this? he used to,
heellooooo if you do read this, sorry its so all over the
place actually its not that much. just me going on about
summer and stuff. and to counter the tv. my name is ema.
and i remember nothing. anyway oooo voices. dont waste
your time on me youre already the voice inside my head. is
she always naked!? this bit reminds me fo the firth
element. oh man i got a craving for that now. ok theres
this one bit of hair which is really starting to annoy me
now. anyway. i wanna know what theyve done to herrrrr.
meh. i may find out one day.

mmmm away with me