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2005-03-18 10:02:27 (UTC)


that today is a much better day, excluding the ana exam of

today i crossed-paths a lot of times with molly and his gf.
yeessh.... if only they know i had "spied" on their
friendster account. anyways, i mourned for the last time,
and came to realize..... ted's hotter :)

eeeeeee!!!!!! am so kilig! ted was so kind kanina! before
the exam i had no where to sit... and he pushed the chair
for me! i mean we are not that close right, tapos hindi na
nga nagpapansinan eh, tapos medyo ilang pa xa, then he did
that!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! :D ang saya ng moment na yun! i
acted silly nga lang huhu..... should've acted natural baka
ma-turn off hay.... kasi i did not look at him straight in
the eye, and i kept glancing at him. i can't help it...
habang nag-eexam nga kami eh, i was imagining a song that
suits him, tapos yung day na i saw him na naka working-sando
clothe. wla he really is my fantasy!!! he fulfills each and
every one of them..... wish i can take his picture.... sigh.....