how I really feel! you have no idea!
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2005-03-18 07:58:25 (UTC)

its over

It Sucks, My friend is hurting, its partly my fault, well
probaly mostly my fault and there is nothing I can do
about it. all of the rumors, all of the drama in our life
is because i have fealings for someone, the first time in
4 years! why cant i have just this tiny bit of happyness?
I do something and everyone arround me takes it wht wrong
way, or they tell lies about me to make my friends turn
against me, well you know what fine ill stop caring, dont
come to me with your problems, (not like you do anyway!) i
dont care anymore, i try to be nice and be everyones
friend but not anymore see ya! i can be just as cold as
you are, i think there is only 3 people who i still care
for(Kaci, Jon, And Albert) and if you have a
problem i would be more than happy to listen to you. you
people will never notice, you never do. no more taking me
for grantit no more *sure ill go along with it* no its
over you had your chance