Cruel Intentions
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2005-03-18 04:56:01 (UTC)

my life so far..

I dont know whats going on in my life at the moment. its
crazy... i found a new place to live, by myself on the
beach which is fantastic. Ray has been calling me because
Alex, his g/f is out of town for 5 weeks and he wants to
screw... i havn't as yet gone to see him.
Jordan is still on the scene, though my freind recons he's
getting emotionally involved because he won't stop talking
about me, which is sweet... but he's my brothers mate, and
its not like we are ever going to be an "item" i havnt
even told my brother that i have had sex with Jordan, and
we have been doing it for about a year now.
Josh moved to Adelaide from Brisbane for work. i actually
like him... we'll see how it goes. I saw him last weekend
and spent all sat night and sunday in bed with him *lol*
maybe i like him because he can keep up with me and hes so
good in bed. naaa... its more than that. hes really nice.
and hot. damn hes fine.

btw i dont know if you still read this or not Sab, but god
i miss ya... i wish u were here