The Truth
2005-03-18 03:37:38 (UTC)


OOPS.. didn't wear green 2day tht's okay.. got pinched a
few times...

Well i cleaned the whole house.. dusting every table..
doing every piece of laundry....
Went to target got a hamper for clothes, toilet paper and
a movie "AVP"

Came home.. ate chicken noodle soup
Went bowling w/ Phill and Zach for a couple of hours i won
all 3 games wooo hooooo

All went to my house and played monopoly for 2 hours...
phill had to go home @ 5:30
Zach @ 6:15

Went to watch karate, they were sparing 2night wanted to c
how my boys were doing.. lol long story there

Came home again.. RJ came over.. we were disscusing issues
about his gayness b/c his ears r both pierced and
nipples ... SEXY.. omg he's soooo cute i love him... Love
gay guys
He said he was goin to go drink since it was St. Patricks
day.. I said NOOOOOOO please don't... and i was serious
and so he promised me he wouldn't.. then he left @ 9:10

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