Darkness Exposed
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2005-03-17 22:35:56 (UTC)


Today started out fine, i was having a good conversation
with Mistress, until she directed me to dig into my
recesses of my mind and think about early childhood and
that bitch.

i thought i had hardened myself to that by now, but Master
and Ma'am have a way of breaking me down. i was under a
grey cloud already when i got in trouble with Master
again. He yelled at me telling me to stop the excuses. i
dont even know i'm doing it, when i do. He also told me
that all our conversations were tests, that pretty much
pissed me off, but what could i do?

i had to sit there and take it. It had me feeling like a
scolded child until the next day. (today 3/17) but its
strange because i sort of like feeling like this, that
someone has all that power to
make me cringe, and i always will to Him and Ma'am, i'm

i feel a warm rush to my heart and thru my shoulders when
i'm scolded and a tightening in my pussy.

ok well,

this is what i have always wanted to do and feel,
so i am going to ride it through. i need my Owners, and am
feeling some kind of love towards Them. i cant define it.