Diana's Online Diary
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2005-03-17 18:06:31 (UTC)

Having a good day

I'm having a good day. Work is going well for a change,
I'm going out tonight for St. Patty's Day, I have plans
for tomm night which include going out for Lisa's
birthday, then meeting up with Holly, Frank, and hopefully
Jess too. Saturday I'll prob be here at work, but it's ok
cause I'll make mad overtime. Sunday is my relax day, I
will prob do laundry, open a savings acct at my bank,
clean my apartment, and watch season 9 of "Friends" that I
just bought. Last night Lisa and I watched the pilot
episode of "Full House" which had some weird guy in the
Danny Tanner role... thank God they ditched him for Bob
Saget! Which is what I was saying to Lisa right before I
admitted choosing Bob Saget for a paper I had to write in
5th grade about my "hero". Lisa said she will never look
at me the same again. lol I have one or two boys talking
to me right now, so if nothing else it's a mood booster
just to know someone is looking, even if it amounts to
nothing. Just what I need to get me out of this funk!
Maybe tonight or tomm night when I go out I'll come across
a boy at the bar... you never know! ;-) Well, ate my ham
sandwich so I guess it's back to work. I have to enter
some capital gains from stock transactions and then set up
a new partnership return... fun fun fun I tell you!

Peace, Love, and Bulletproof Marshmallows!

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