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2005-03-17 16:17:29 (UTC)

They call me Miss Insane

Why do I feel this way,
How can someone be like this everyday,
Feeling mad,
Feeling sad,
I'm sick of getting hurt,
A razor to my wrist,
Blood pouring as i tighten my fist,
Everyone looks at me they don't have a clue,
What kind of hell i'm going threw,
Crying every night,
I'm sick of there lies,
I try to show them,
But they watch with blind eyes,
I saw dad opening another beer,
Oh great he's comeing in here,
Does he like giving me this abuse,
He threw a punch,
and called me a bitch,
Then I ask myself what kind of dad is this,
He told me he loved me,
Now tells me i'm insane,
I can't even bare this,
Why take the pain,
I walked outside its pouring rain,
I'm slicing my thighs,
A couple more cuts then its good-bye,
my body is stained with blood,
wiping the remains of my twisted flood.

-Cassie Wilkins