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2005-03-17 15:48:54 (UTC)

Feeling (To Ricky)

I look at your dark brown eyes as they meet mine,
All i can think about is your soft gentle touch,
And the feeling i get we make love,
The rush that I feel when your lips touch my flesh,
Its just so amazing,
No ones ever made me feel like this,
I get so happy when i hear you say "I love you 2,
Even the little simple things about you,
Are big reasons why i can't get enough of you,
Just the fact that i no you'll always be there,
And to no that you'll hold me whenever i'm scared,
Someone to run to when my world falls apart,
Ricky you now hold the key to my heart,
When it unlocks you will see,
The feelings i hold for you so deep,
To deep to explain,
Words can't start to describe,
I feel like I've known you all of my life,
This powerful feeling will never go away,
I'll continue to love you each and everyday.

-Cassie Wilkins-

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