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2005-03-17 12:37:56 (UTC)

If I could be like that

Hey y'all, hows everyone doing? Cheers for all your
wonderful feedback. Oh, I can't wait 'til Saturday! It's
gonna be excellent. I'm nearly an adult! Wow! Lol, Better
start thinking like one.

So whats happening in my life? Well, me and Emma are back
on good terms...sorry about the whole not talking to you
thing Emma, I just had to sort a lot of stuff out in my
head. Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday.

All my pals, you're all excellent! All I've heard is "what
do you want for you're birthday?" or "I can't think what
to get you". It's really an amazing feeling, knowing that
I got so many good pals. I would like to say that no one
actually needs to get me anything, I'm really not
bothered, just make sure you all have a good time for my

I dunno what to write anymore, I guess theres not much
more exciting stuff going on...but hey, who's complaining?

See you guys later